We provide Immigration Accommodation and Property Inspection Reports in as little as 24 hours, helping expedite visa applications into the UK.

House Inspection Services
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Why Choose Us


Price start from £100 for London and other areas within the M25. For other cities please call us for a quotation.


We work on short notice - 7 days a week - also in the evenings till 9pm.
(We are closed Christmas season for 10 days, back on 4th of January)


You can get same day PDF report for urgent case. Call for details. Normally you will get an email same day or the latest the day after the inspection and once you confirm that the details are correct, we will send the hard copy by first class post. You can discuss the next day delivery options. Or pick up service for very urgent cases.


I am also an immigration advisor. We know what the Home Office is looking for and common mistakes people do in their applications. We can also assist you with your spouse visa application as well.

Membership numbers:

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS number: 6735464
Regulated to provide immigration advice or services by the Immigration Service Commissioner: F202000206
Company number 1293970

A property inspection report for UK entry clearance visa:

Our reports are mainly used for UK Spouse, Marriage and Fiancée Visa Entry Clearance applications but can be used for Family Visitor visas and Dependent Visas.

A property inspection report is required for all applications for a UK settlement visa, these include Spouse(s) and civil partners, Fiancé(e)s and civil partner, unmarried and same-sex partners, children, parents, grandparents and other dependent relatives.

What information do you require from me?

We will email you a from. You can complete the form before we arrive or we can give you the hard copy and we can help you to fill it at the time of the survey. We will need basic details such as the address of the property, full passport name and date of birth of the applicant(s) and all persons who will be living at the property once UK entry clearance visa has been granted;

What do we check during the accommodation inspection?

We use a laser device to measure the rooms which gives the most accurate measurements in few seconds. We check to ensure the property will not become statutorily overcrowded and has sufficient space to accommodate both the current occupiers and any additional people who propose to live there after the visa is granted and the general condition of the property.